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Clean water for the Polireddypeta community thanks to Space with US and SussexFood water sales


Space with US and SussexFood, in partnership with Life Water and water charity drop4drop, are delighted to announce that we have successfully funded the installation of a brand-new water well in an Indian community previously living without a source of clean water.


Thanks to all the bottles of water purchased through Chartwells at the University of Sussex, we have been able to make a real difference to those who so desperately needed it. Supplying safe drinking water to communities who would have previously had to travel a long way to find it is a lifesaving cause and we could not be prouder to be involved.


Sam Pyant from drop4drop says: “drop4drop would like to say a huge thank you to SussexFood and Space with US for their loyal partnership with Life Water which has enabled us to give thousands of people immediate access to clean drinking water. This has demonstrated how making simple purchasing decisions in our daily lives can have a profound impact on those who need our help the most.”


SussexFood and Space with US have funded their own clean water project to the Polireddypeta community of 1,142 people in India. Sussex are pathing the way for other universities, by becoming the first Chartwells’ University to fund a project of this kind through the purchases of Life Water.


The benefits of this brand-new clean-water project can already be seen: villagers who were having to walk long distances in the blistering heat can now access clean drinking water from right outside their homes.

As of August 2016, 663 million people worldwide did not have access to clean and safe drinking water. The world water crisis is still a huge global issue, with half of the world’s hospital beds still being filled by people suffering from water-related diseases. Life Water’s promise is that every bottle purchased helps to fund 1,000 litres of clean drinking water, to those who desperately need it.


“I go to field work in the morning and come back late in the evening," says Mrs Chennamma, a resident of the village whose family are reaping the benefits of the new bore well.


"I would have been very tired to walk for water by then. It was taking 20 minutes to bring one pot of water from an open well situated about 1½ km away from my home.


"Now it is very easy for us as we can reach the bore-well as it is installed very near to my home and I am getting water within five minutes. Thanks to donors and drop4drop for kind help.”


Turning on a tap and having immediate access to safe and sanitary water is a privilege denied to so many. What we take for granted, almost a third of the world’s population can only dream of. Dents are being made in the world water crisis, year-on-year, with the help of organisations such as drop4drop; however, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to solve the world water crisis.


Thank you to every single person who has ever purchased a bottle of Life Water on campus. Head to to learn more about the impacts of your Life Water purchases and find out more about Polireddypeta, the community that has been changed by the support of Space with US SussexFood.

Space with US Race for Life... and gets Pretty Muddy! sales


In July 2017, a team from Space with US, the aptly named ‘Filthy Animals’ took part in Brighton’s ‘Race for Life – Pretty Muddy’ in a bid to raise money for Compass’ nominated charity, Cancer Research UK.


Sponsorship was collected from clients, colleagues, family and friends and overall, the team managed to raise a whopping £1,235! All the money raised from events like these is monumental in impacting the ongoing research combatting the fight against cancer.


The sun was shining on the day making the 5km run even more excruciating for 11 exercise-phobes. But run they did and came out the other end far muddier and proud of their combined achievement. The team consisted of sales co-ordinators, events organisers, hospitality assistants and just about every other job title within the organisation but if there’s one thing these ladies all have in common it’s the willingness to step up to a challenge for a good cause.


Space with US along with SussexFood continue to raise money throughout the year for Cancer Research UK as well as other charities and non-profit organisations that benefit hugely from the support of local businesses. The staff at Space never shy away from a fundraising opportunity and certainly aren’t afraid to get their hands (and everywhere else!) dirty. .

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